Unicoi State Park Lodging Pricing (Lodge Price is PER ROOM not per person):
$119/ Night + $10 Lodge Fee

Please call the hotel to book your room, for reservations 1-800-573-9659 or online at: Book Room for Unicoi Lodge. For the discounted hotel rate, be sure to enter "GURU OF ABS FITNESS GETAWAY” in the promotional code box when booking.

  • Single Room Fee: $119/ Night + $10 daily Lodge Fee (Sleeps 1-2 people)
  • Double Room Fee: $119/Night +$10 daily Lodge Fee (Sleeps 2-4 people)
  • Double Room w/ Loft Fee: $119/Night +$10 daily Lodge Fee (Sleeps 3-6 people)
  • Park pass, self-parking, high speed internet access, unlimited local, toll-free calls and long-distance access comes with rooms.
  • Shuttle Service to and from Helen is also included with lodge stay.

Unicoi Fitness Getaway Excursions Package Price (does not include lodging):

  • ALL Meals: Catered Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Buffets
  • Yohan Quest Aerial Challenge Course
  • Moonshine Canopy Tour
  • "The Intimidator" Big Zip
  • The Thriller Giant Swing
  • Wall Climbing
  • Big Adventure & Extreme Aerial Adventure Course
  • Extreme Laser Tag
  • Tubing & Waterpark
  • GPS Scavenger Hunt
  • Ana Ruby Falls Hike
  • Unicoi Beach Party
  • Fire Pit
  • Various Fitness Classes
  • Swag Bag Items: Souvenir Tote Bag, Souvenir T-Shirt, Souvenir Workout Towel, Souvenir Silicon Wristband, FinaFlex Workout T-Shirt, FinaFlex Stimul8 Shredding Pre-Workout, FinaFlex Active Amino Muscle Recovery, FinaFlex Clear Protein, FinaFlex Shaker and Total Fit Alkaline Water
6 Monthly Payments of
$79.16 (+ $3.00 Processing Fee)
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One time payment $475.00
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Unicoi Fitness Getaway Excursions Overview:

Nacoochee Adventures
  1. Yohan Quest Challenge Course- This three-level, 27 element ropes course offers your body and soul the opportunity to become the Bear in this rite of passage! Each level has 9 elements designed to keep you thinking and moving. Work through each obstacle to make your way to the top. Unlike their ziplines, guests take themselves through the course with their continuous belay system. Guides supervise from the sidelines.
    • Level One - The Fox, is clever, quick and wise.
    • Level Two - The Wolf is strong, loyal and protective.
    • Level Three - The Eagle is powerful, intelligent and free.
  2. "The Intimidator" Big Zip- Nearly 1/2-mile-long (2,360ft), this zip line is not called "The Intimidator" for nothing! At the start, listen to the Sautee Nacoochee Indian Mound Legend while overlooking Mount Yonah and the Nacoochee Valley. Then race a partner down the longest dual zip lines in the continental United States!
    • 10 Minute ride along old logging roads to the start
    • “The Intimidator” Big Zip (2,360ft long)
    • Approx. 30-45 minutes
    • Weight restrictions: 50lbs - 250lbs
  3. Moonshine Canopy Tour- This is Nachoohee basic and most popular tour. Zip across a series of lines in the trees with their certified guides. All of our platforms are tree based with the highest being 70ft above ground.
    • 10min ride along old logging roads to the start
    • Moonshine Canopy tour
    • Approx. 1 - 1 ½ hours
    • Weight restrictions: 40lbs - 250lbs
  4. The Thriller Giant Swing- Looking for an adrenaline-filled, thrill ride of your life? Don't let the word "swing" fool you because our giant swing does not provide a relaxing or peaceful experience. Not only will you be lifted 50ft off the ground, the bravest must pull a release cord dropping you almost as fast as a speeding bullet. Our swing over-looks the Nacoochee Valley and Mount Yonah, although you won't notice the scenery at first.
    • Tour Length Approx. 15 minutes
    • Up to 3 people ride at a time
    • Height Restrictions: minimum 4ft tall
    • Weight Restrictions: 50lb minimum
    • Must be able to fit in harness
  5. Big Adventure Aerial Adventure Course- The big adventure course has eleven elements and a short zip line. Aerial Adventure Course
  6. Climbing Wall- 24' climbing wall has four lanes and is a challenge for every skill level. 24' Wall Climbing
  7. Extreme Laser Tag- Teams will duke it out using realistic Laser Tag equipment with live noise at Alpine fun factory. Forget those black lights and cheesy plastic guns, their weapons are based on Phenom X-7 paint ball gun bodies. They use light weight bandoleers instead of bulky vests, headbands allowing for head shots and all of their equipment is wireless! Become fully immersed in our arena featuring incredible sound, lighting, and realism. Our games are designed for teams to work together to solve problems or to complete an objective. Alpine fun factory system is based on the popular video game “Call of Duty”, so their extreme laser tag offers games such as team death match, domination, capture the flag, zombies and much more. Extreme Laser Tag
  8. Helen Tubing & Waterpark
    • A. Tubing down the Chattahoochee River
    • B. Waterpark- 4 water slides and lazy river

    Helen Tubing from Diego Villacorta on Vimeo.

  9. GPS Scavenger Hunt - Who doesn’t love hidden treasures? Unicoi scavenger hunt teaches exploration, navigation and will ultimately lead to a hidden surprise if you follow the correct path with help from GPS coordinates. Their class will teach you how to get started, stay safe and read your GPS so you can follow the coordinates to capture unique locations in the park with your cell phone camera. Get pictures of all the locations and win a prize. GPS Scavenger Hunt
  10. Ana Ruby Falls- A great spot for both novice and experienced hikers alike; the trail is 1/2-mile paved trail that leads from the parking lot to two viewing decks but the twin waterfalls at the end provide breathtaking views that anyone will enjoy. Ana Ruby Falls in Georgia
  11. Unicoi Beach
    • A. Beach Bootcamps & Classes
    • B. Beach Party
    Unicoi Beach
  12. Fire Pit- Unicoi fire pit is where we will gather at night as a group at night and have our group panel discussions and Q&A. Unicoi Adventure Fire Pit