About DaShaun Johnson

Guru [goo-roo]- One who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom & authority in a certain area and uses it to guide others.

DaShaun is what most would consider to be a walking statue of what fitness looks like. His impeccable physique is to die for. He captivates you with his knowledge and expertise on how you too can look and feel good, on all levels of life. Johnson can’t be compared to your average fly-by-night Personal Trainer. His leverage and skill set measures him as royalty. Johnson has been acknowledged by many as the BEST abdominal expert and motivating trainer that there is today.

Johnson has been a fitness trainer for over 5 years and has dedicated himself to the health and fitness of others. Johnson has expertise in fitness programs such as strength training, weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning, postural exercises, core stabilization, balance work and flexibility programs. His mission is to encompass all the components of fitness and abdominal training by providing an Innovative, Invigorating and Invasive experience for the average fitness enthusiast. He utilizes a variety of techniques to engage and incorporate the entire body.

His familiarity with diverse forms of exercises used to improve, maintain and/or optimize health related components of physical fitness and performance is what distinguishes him as a key player in Health and Fitness. Johnson further embraces his clients by providing appropriate exercise recommendations that assist in leading and demonstrating safe and effective methods of exercise. He states, “The key component to being in shape is having healthy behaviors”


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Dashaun Johnson